How To Oil a Sewing Machine

If you run any equipmentor any type of machine then regular cleaning and servicing is very much important to keep the machine or equipment to run smoothly and have a long life span. Sewing machines are also not different.

Sewing machine oils act as lubricant that prevents rust and corrosion. It also helps the machine to run smoothly. The condition of the sewing machine will remain good if you oil it regularly. Using oil in sewing machine will prevent unnecessary noise.

But there is a proper process for oiling a sewing machine. First, you should learn how to oil  a sewing machine. Here we will write a step by step guide on how to oil a sewing machine.

How to oil a sewing machine


How Often Should You Oil A Sewing Machine

It isvery much important to understand when to lubricate your sewing machine. Over oiling can also harm the sewing machine and may also affect the running condition. On the hand, if you dont oil the sewing machine regularly it will not run smoothly.

There is a rule of using a drop of oil on every point per every 10000 stitches in new machines and one drop per 200,000 for general maintenance. If you are sewing very dense or thick webbing, then you have to increase the frequency by which you oil your machine by 25%. Likewise, if you are sewing faster than 550 RPM, again, it’s important to increase your oiling frequency by 25%.

How To Oil a Sewing Machine 

As you knew the importance of oiling a sewing machine, lets learn the step by step process of oiling a sewing machine. Because everything has a process do it in a right way.

1. Check the user manual

All sewing machines are not same. Each one is different from other. I am not talking about manual sewing machines. All manual sewing machines are almost same. So, its important to check your owner’s manual before attempting. It must be written their which parts need to be oiled.

It may also give you the step step instructions for servicing. If it is given in the manual then you must follow the your manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise the warranty of your machine will void.

2. Unplug the Sewing Machine

Before moving forward, first switch off and unplug the sewing machine for safety.

3. Remove the needle 

Before initiating the oiling work, first remove the needle. This will give you extra space for your work and also prevent from injuries caused by the needle.

4. Remove the Presser Foot

Now remove the presser feet and other parts of sewing machine using a screw driver. It will give you extra space for oiling and you can also clean it and oil.

5. Remove the Needle Plate and Bobbin Case

Now, take the screw driver, loose the screws of the needle plate and remove it. Now you can easily lift the bobbin case from the machine.

6. Clean the Sewing machine

After removing the machine parts now clean the machine properly. To clean the machine you can use soft cloth or a small brush. Clean every nook and corner of the sewing machine like feed dogs, bobbin case and the area surrounding the needle.

7. Locate the Oil Points

After cleaning each parts properly, now locate the points where to apply the oil in the sewing machine. You can refer the owner’s manual for it. Your manual book will tell you which parts to be oiled and which part needs additional maintainance.

8. Apply Oil

Now the time is to apply oil. Only use the sewing machine oil. Avoid using any other oil which may harm the machine. Add tiny drop of oil on every point. Dont apply excess oil, it may jam the machine.

9. Replace the parts you Removed

After oiling place each parts back to their place. Place the bobbin case and reattach the needle plate. Place the presser feet.

10. Run The Machine

After placing each part in their place now run the sewing machine. Start the machine and run it slowly for sometime. This will cause to distibute the oil uniformly through the machine.

11. Wipe Off Excess Oil

Wipe off the excess oil using a soft cloth. If you have accidentally any drop of oil on sewing, you can clean it before using.

Which Oil to Use for Oiling

You should always use the most appropriate oil for your sewing machine. For oiling purpose there is a special oil called sewing machine oil is available. Sewing machine oil is particularly manufactured for this.

Dont use any other types of oils like vegetable oil or motot oil etc. It may harm your sewing machine. Sewing machine oil is available in every sewing stores.


Regular oiling in sewing machine will help the sewing machine to run smoothly without much noise and it will increase the life span.If you were not oiling your sewing machine regularly, then dont delay. You can start now. Check this post on how to oil a sewing machine and start the process..



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